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  • May 6, 2023 · AS: So, what factors contributed to your decision to translate it to Afaan Oromoo? Amenti : As much as I loved the book and how relevant and timeless I have found it to be, I knew that language was one of the major barriers keeping this great text from being accessible to millions of Oromos across East Africa.
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  • Over 300m people speak the newly added languages ranging from Mizo, used by around 800,000 people in India to Lingala, used by over 45 million people in Central parts of Africa.
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    kanaafuu ni dandeenya yoo ta’e hiikkaa isaa irratti hirmaachuu, hin dandeenyu yoo ta’e kanneen hiikaman gulaaluu irratti hirmaachuu, kanaas hin dandeenyu yoo ta’e.